Happy Friday, xoxo

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I'm always trying to start my day as a thankful person. Maybe today I'm not get what I want yet, but still I must be a thankful person for another day that can breath peacefully with my lovely family. Alhamdulillah.

Dear reader, this blog is exist just for write some thought, share some inspirational quotes or any positive words.I'm not going to impress anyone since I have a bad English grammar and I want to improve my writing skills. Please do not bash me. ha ha ha

Happy Friday people! Don't forget to do all the sunnah things :)

The right things will comes

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Just finished my degree life and will be graduate on November 2017. While other friends are busy with their jobs and I'm still here being a baby for my beloved parents. Thousands question playing in my mind including negative things that actually will bring myself deep down to the earth. Be patient, Allah has a better plan for me. Bear in my mind, when Allah wills, nothing can deny it.

May Allah ease everything for me.


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Assalamualaikum, Hi!

Suddenly I have a strength to write about CRUSH! What is crush? According to Urban Dictionary, crush is a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special. According to me, crush is a someone that only can be seen and impossible to get. Lol.

Malas cerita tapi masih mahu bercerita. what the ?! Entah, bukan kecewa. Tapi kecewa lah kot. Buat masa ni, memang tiada harap apa-apa pun daripada sesiapa. Memang aku mau fokus dengan diri sendiri. Time for me to choose is not come yet. Dan kalau aku diberi peluang untuk memilih, aku pilih...


Kecewa pasal, pernah satu hari tu. Terserempak di kedai, then kau boleh pulak buat muka hmm. idk, yes sebagai kawan aku kecewa. Kita pernah duduk semeja, sembang itu ini. Tapi reaksi kau tu macam tidak mau mengaku kawan. Oh ya, aku orangyang sangat menghargai persahabatan. Jangan risau.

Mentang-mentang aku crush dengan kau. Pastu kau boleh berlagak begitu. No men!